5 Spring Plumbing Tips

Spring is a time when many homeowners engage in maintenance tasks like spring cleaning and home renovation. It’s also a good time for homeowners to check up on their plumbing system to protect their home from clogged drains, leaks and water damage. Keeping up with this basic maintenance on a yearly basis can help keep your home functional throughout the year.

  1. Perform a Water Heater Check Up: You may have turned up the temperature on your water heater when the weather got cold this last winter.
  2. Turn the Water Valves: Water valves can get hard to turn over time.
  3. Watch for Water Leaks Associated with Sprinklers and Outdoor Faucets: Outdoor pipes attached to sprinklers and faucets can easily freeze and break over the winter. When temperatures outside have thawed, watch your outdoor pipes for signs of water leaks.
  4. Test the Toilets for Leaks: You can test your toilet for leaks by putting food coloring into the tank of your toilet. If the water in the bowl turns the color of the food dye within a half an hour, this is a sign that your toilet has a leak. Replacing the parts in the toilet tank will save you water and money this year.
  5. Check Under Sinks and Supply Hoses: Look under your sinks and check the supply hoses that run to your dishwasher, clothes washer and other water-using appliances. Look for moisture, puddles, rust, corrosion and other warning signs of a leak.

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